Work-Based Learning


A win-win strategy that provides learners with real-life experience or for employees to gain industry-required skills and knowledge.

This strategy merges theory with practice and acknowledges the intersection of explicit and tacit forms of knowing. By integrating the training plan into the work place we are able to bridge the gap between learning and doing.

Examples of Work-Based Learning:

  • On-the-Job Training
  • UpSkill, Incumbent Worker Initiative
  • Paid Internship
  • Work Experience
  • Apprenticeship

Employer Benefits:

  • Training Reimbursements
  • Customized, In-House Training
  • Simple Process with Minimal Paperwork
  • Developing Well-Trained Employees
  • Building Relationships with Employees by Investing in Their Future

Employee Benefits:

  • Earn-As-You-Learn
  • Job Coaching
  • Employment
  • Direct, Specified Training Experience Employees
  • Opportunity to Gain Skills

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