Swearing Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

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Project Overview
PTRC was awarded a NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund grant in September 2014 to begin the Swearing Creek Watershed Restoration Plan.  Swearing Creek is an immediate tributary of High Rock Lake in Davidson County, which is impaired for high pH and chlorophyll-a and is currently undergoing a TMDL by the NC Department of Water Quality to assess the sources of these pollutants.  Understanding Swearing Creek's contributions to the Lake allows PTRC, the City of Lexington and Davidson County to take steps beyond stream restoration to address these contributions.

The primary goal of this project is to produce a restoration plan featuring a watershed assessment, project atlas and implementation strategy for Swearing Creek.  These studies and recommended strategies will identify current stressors to the health and function of the watershed and the most effective ways to address them.  The final plan will focus on new or revised policies that address environmental sustainability and identify multiple stream restoration, improvement and enhancement projects; stormwater management best management practices (BMPs); and areas for conservation/preservation, as determined by field work and GIS analysis of the watershed.

For more information, please contact Cameron Colvin, Water Resources Planner, at ccolvin@ptrc.org or (336) 904-0300

Final Documents:
Swearing Creek Watershed Characterization (FINAL November, 3 2017)
Swearing Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (FINAL August 7, 2018)
Final Sign Design (February 2, 2018)

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Geology Formations
Median Household Income
Prime Farmland Soils
Hydric Soils
Monitoring Sites
Erodible Soils
Hydrologic Soil Group
Natural Heritage
Population Density
Geology Belts
Population Density Change
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Green Infrastructure
Modeling Scenario: Trend
Scenario 1 Efficient
Scenario 2 Connections
Scenario 3 Conservation
Scenario 4 Hybrid







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