Keep America Beautiful

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What is KAB?

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is a group that is dedicated to inspiring people to become better stewards of their environment through education and beautification. The organization was formed back in 1953 when a group met together in New York City to develop and initiate a "national cleanliness ethic". The three major outcomes of their mission is to:

  1. End littering
  2. Improve recycling
  3. Beautify America's communities

KAB has more than 600 community-based affiliates, many of which are right here in North Carolina. They help support affiliates in various programs and educational initiatives, such as:

  • Great American Cleanup
  • National Planting Day
  • Prevent Cigarette Litter
  • America Recycles Day
  • I want To Be Recycled
  • Heft Energy Bag Program

Keep NC Beautiful

Keep North Carolina Beautiful (KNCB) provides support to a statewide network of Keep America Beautiful affiliates representing their counties. There are currently 33 certified affiliates in the counties of North Carolina that are supported by KNCB.


Our Role

Stormwater SMART staff have seats on the board for 2 affiliates through Keep America Beautiful:

We work together to get our local member communities more involved in recycling, beautification, and a change in behavior in littering by hosting events, educational programs, and attending local fairs or festivals. If you live in Randolph or Davidson County, and are looking for ways to get more involved with these community affiliates, you can send us an email at

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