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 Stream Cleanups

Stream clean ups are an easy way to directly reduce the debris that has made its way into a water body. Stormwater SMART will help coordinate a stream cleanup for your organization or group and provide the necessary materials upon request if you live in one of our member communities. A stream cleanup typically focuses on removing trash from along a stream-bank and in surrounding areas.

Campus Cleanups

Stormwater SMART partners with schools in our member communities to provide supplies for campus cleanups. Whether a stream is located on a school property or not, campus cleanups play a role in preventing debris from being carried into a water source by stormwater. In fact, most of the debris we find in our waterways originated from land-based sources. We will provide cleanup materials for your entire school, grade level, class, or club. Contact us at to get your students involved in keeping our waterways clean.

Paddle Cleanups

A paddle cleanup is an event where volunteers go out to a body of water to pick up as much trash as possible to clean and beautify the area. While similar to a creek or stream cleanup, it has one major difference: this type of cleanup takes place in the water as opposed to on the banks of the water body. A paddle cleanup is typically held in 2 types of locations: on a river, or on a lake.

What To Bring

  1. Water
  2. Sun Screen
  3. Dry Bag
  4. Change of Clothes
  5. Snacks
  6. Water Appropriate Footwear 
  7. Proper Paperwork (Waiver Form)

Materials We Provide For All Cleanups

  • Trash bags
  • Gloves
  • Trash pickers (if requested in advance)

Helpful Litter Cleanup Tips

  1. If possible, only use 1 glove per individual to reduce the overall number of gloves used. Also advise individuals that they should use the gloved hand only to pick up trash.
  2. Create teams of individuals and choose 1 person to hold the bag, delegating other team members to collect litter.
  3. Fill up each bag as much as possible—do not tie up bags that are not full unless necessary. Combine litter collections to ensure bags are filled to capacity.
  4. To provide an accurate count of trash bags, count up the number of full bags and then estimate the percentage filled of the remaining unfilled bag.
  5. Be cautious of sharp items or other hazardous materials that could harm the individual or cause the trash bag to rip.
  6. If using trash pickers, please be conscious of surrounding individuals. Individuals with difficulty bending over or those who may be collecting trash in hard-to-reach locations should be given priority. Trash pickers should be returned to Stormwater SMART by contacting us to coordinate a pick up date.

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