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If you are interested in scheduling a school program with us, you can head on over to the Teachers page to fill out our School Program Request Form!

3rd Grade

  • Rain Garden in a Bottle - Students build their very own rain garden using native plants to demonstrate how they survive in their environments.

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5th Grade

  • The Incredible Journey - This is a hands-on activity that teaches students how water moves through the water cycle. Students get to go through two rounds of the activity as a “water droplet”, moving from one station to another.

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8th Grade

  • Enviroscape - Students get to act as pollutants or rain on the Enviroscape using common household items in order to understand point-source and non-point source pollution. 

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  • Water Quality? Ask the Bugs! - Students get to sample a fake stream for fake bugs in order to determine stream health, and allows students to be a "scientist" by collecting and analyzing their data.

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High School

  • NC Watershed Game - Students play a game on a fictional watershed board that shows how different human behaviors affect the watershed, and try to mitigate those effects through BMP's (best management practices).

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