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Stormwater SMART

What Do We Do?

Stormwater SMART is a cooperative partnership between county and municipal governments to provide education and outreach regarding stormwater pollution, water quality issues, and water conservation. Our goal is to communicate to the general public the importance of clean water for themselves and the surrounding environment.

Stormwater SMART is governed by a Steering Committee that is composed of representatives from each county or municipal partner.  The Steering Committee helps guide Stormwater SMART staff members in targeting audiences and events for environmental education programs each year.  Since 2008, Stormwater SMART has worked with over 35,000 triad residents in hands-on, age appropriate, facilitated programs.

New to our program in 2018 is the addition of Mass Media services for stormwater education.  Partnering with the Clean Water Education Partnership in Raleigh, Stormwater SMART will begin airing a series of educational videos through a variety of media outlets in the Triad area.  An accompanying brochure will be provided to all Mass Media members to distribute in their communities.

All of these services and programs demonstrate the appropriate measures one can take to alleviate negative impacts as a result of polluted runoff. We love to partner with teachers to facilitate activities throughout the school year that cover NC Science Curriculum Standards while also meeting the regulatory needs, influenced by the Clean Water Act, of our member communities. In addition to teachers, we partner up with nonprofit organizations, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Cooperative Extension offices, local governments, and private businesses to help citizens to make educated decisions regarding local water quality. 

What We Can Do For You

Direct Education Member Communities

  • Provide useful information to member communities
  • Facilitate lessons for elementary, middle, and high school science and environmental classes
  • Attend fairs and festivals
  • Coordinate, plan, and execute environmental camps
  • Partner with schools and clubs on environmental projects that have a Stormwater SMART component
  • Partner with community members for trash clean ups, rain garden education, storm drain markings, and more!

Mass Media Member Communities

  • Broadcast English and Spanish versions of stormwater education videos online, through cable TV, on cinema rolls, and at local community events
  • Air English and Spanish stormwater education radio commercials
  • Distribute educational brochures throughout the community
  • Provide social media education through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Who Do We Serve?


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