Regional Comprehensive Transportation Plan: Davie, Surry, Yadkin

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From Fall 2018 to Fall 2020, the NWPRPO along with partners in the NCDOT Transportation Planning Division and Divisions 9 and 11 will engage in an extensive study of the transportation needs for Davie, Surry, and Yadkin counties.  With a broad analysis of transportation network conditions as well as the socioeconomic trends that influence them, the Comprehensive Plan will craft regional solutions for five modes of transportation: Highway, Bicycle and Pedestrian, Public Transportation, Rail, and General Aviation.  This plan will serve as the template for transportation programming in these counties through the Strategic Transportation Initiative.



Steering Committee Meetings and Materials

June 18th, 2019  Agenda
 Minutes  Presentation
May 22nd, 2019  Agenda  Minutes  Presentation


Steering Committee Handbook