Richland Creek (Southwest High Point)

Green Infrastructure Restoration Plan

The Southwest High Point (SWHPEducationOpportunity) Green Infrastructure Restoration Plan will offer an opportunity to develop a plan and promote projects that address stormwater needs in SWHP. The Southwest Renewal Foundation is partnering with the Piedmont Triad Regional Council and the City of High Point to complete the plan.

Field Work Goals

  • Assess stormwater control measures;
  • Identify watershed restoration needs and green infrastructure opportunities (such as rain gardens, rain barrels, terraced planting, etc.);
  • Assess plant species, with the goal of removing invasive species and replacing them with native species.
  • Identify potential projects on each building, green space, sidewalk, etc. to form a final comprehensive project.
 A final inventory will be provided to the City of High Point, identifying stormwater control opportunities, tree planting/landscape plan, potential costs, and potential volume and pollutant reductions.  Review field work data of the invasive species and existing stormwater infrastructure along the project route on the project web map

Outreach and Education

The SWHP Green Infrastructure Restoration Plan has worked with the local Boys and Girls clubs to incorporate STEM curriculum on how green infrastructure can play a role in their underserved community. Finally, the project will also provide four community events that implement inexpensive but valuable green infrastructure features using significant public input, especially from SWHP's youth community.

RichlandCreekStormwaterThe plan will promote Richland Creek's water quality through direct and indirect means and better serve the community by increasing walkability with the Richland Creek Greenway. The Southwest Greenway Feasibility Study (managed by the Southwest Renewal Foundation and funded by the City of High Point) develops a vision of connectivity in the Southwest and identifies the need to preserve and enhance green space.

Southwest High Point Greenway Feasibility Study 

The SWHP Greenway Feasibility Study develops a vision for a connected greenway trail in the Southwest and to identify opportunities, constraints, and recommendations for a trail alignment. This study was funded by the City of High Point and managed by the Southwest Renewal Foundation, the study advances the ideals of environmental preservation, economic development, health, quality of life, improving transportation options, promoting local heritage, and linking communities and parks within SW High Point.

The feasibility study document can be downloaded in PDF form: SW High Point Greenway Feasibility Study. The map of the proposed greenway as well as nearby schools, parks, corporations, and historic buildings can also be downloaded in PDF form: Southwest High Point Base Map.


For more information contact: Anna Leonard, Environmental Programs Coordinator, ( or Cameron Colvin, Water Resources Planner, ( by email or phone at (336)-904-0300.

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