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Davie County Comprehensive Plan

Davie County Logo (2019)

PTRC began work in November 2017 to create the Davie County Comprehensive Plan.  The planning process will assessed existing land development conditions, economic and population growth factors, providing recommendations and action steps to address future County growth through the year 2050.

Project Updates

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on December 2, 2019. The Plan is available at the links below.

 For online viewing: Davie County Comprehensive Plan and Appendix

 For Printing: Davie County Comprehensive Plan

Public Outreach

Davie County hosted a series of public forums during the month of May to gather feedback on plan components and recommendations. Please see the list below for all of the meeting dates, times, and locations, and a summary of the public input that was received.

Public Forum Meetings Date/Time Location
Mocksville May 9, 2019 @ 5:30pm Senior Center, 278 Meroney Street, Mocksville
Farmington May 13, 2019 @ 5:30pm Community Center, 1723 Farmington Road, Mocksville
Cooleemee May 16, 2019 @ 5:30pm Library, 7706 NC Hwy 801 South, Cooleemee
Bermuda Run May 23, 2019 @ 5:30pm Town Hall, 120 Kinderton Blvd, Suite 100, Bermuda Run
Public Forum Meetings Input Summary
Prioritization of Policy Goals
Steering Committee Meetings Date/Time/Location Materials
Steering Committee #1                             12/07/17 6:30pm
Agenda Notes Presentation
Steering Committee #2
01/30/18 5:30pm
Steering Committee  #3

03/19/19 4:00pm

Agenda  Notes  
Steering Committee #4  07/30/19 4:00pm Agenda  Notes  

Growth Strategy Subcommittee Meetings Date/Time/Location Materials
Growth Strategy Sub-Committee #1 03/29/18 2:30pm Agenda   Handout
Growth Strategy Sub-Committee #2 05/09/18 1:00pm Agenda Notes Presentation
Growth Strategy Sub-Committee #3 11/09/18 12:00pm Agenda Notes Presentation
Growth Strategy Sub-Committee #4 12/12/18 3:00pm Agenda Notes Presentation


Municipal & Meetings Other Date/Time/Location Materials
Planning Board Update 05/22/18                    Presentation

Bermuda Run Planning Board

06/20/18   Notes
Cooleemee Board of Commissioners 09/17/18   Notes  
Focus Groups Date/Time/Location Materials
Agriculture & Natural Resources            06/20/18                    Notes
Quality of Life Focus Group 07/12/18   Notes  
Senior Center Focus Group 06/27/18   Notes  
Brock Recreation Center 08/12/18   Presentation
Real Estate Focus Group 08/23/18   Notes  

Other Adopted Plans

County Plans Comprehensive Transportation Plan 
Land Development Plan (2000) Adoption Map
Land Development Plan (2005)
Highway Map
Growth Enhancement Strategy (2010) Bicycle Map
Parks & Recreation Master Plan (2013) Pedestrian Map
Greenway Master Plan Map (2015) Public Transit & Rail Map
Farmland Preservation Plan (2017)
Final Recommendations
Community Health Assessment (2014) Complete CTP Report (2012)
Transportation Alternatives Feasibility Study (2016)  
Winston-Salem MPO CTP Town of Bermuda Run Town of Mocksville
Adoption Map
Comprehensive Plan (2017)
Land Development Plan (2005)
Highway Map
Pedestrian Connectivity
Bicycle Map
Pedestrian Improvements
Pedestrian Map

Public Transit & Rail Map    


30x40 PDF Maps: Interactive Map:

County Zoning Map
Growth Strategy Areas
(updated August 2019)

 Davie County Web Viewer screen shot


Name  Phone  Email 
John Eller
Davie County, County Manager
(336) 753-6001
Andrew Meadwell
Davie County, County Planner
(336) 753-6050
Jesse Day
PTRC, Planning Director
(336) 904-0300 x 3007
Cameron Colvin
PTRC, Water Resources Planner
(336) 904-0300 x 3001
David Putnam
PTRC Community & Strategic Initiatives Planner
(336) 904-0300 x 3013
Anna Leonard
PTRC, Environmental Programs Coordinator
(336) 904-0300 x 3000
Malinda Ford
PTRC, GIS Manager
(336) 904-0300 x 3005