The PTRC is monitoring COVID-19 and incorporating operational modifications as needed to protect the citizens we serve, our members, our partners, and our staff.  Our office is closed and all in-person meetings are canceled through Friday, May 15th.  Where applicable, meetings will be held via teleconference. Staff will be available via phone and email. More


Many of us don’t have the money or infrastructure to fully utilize alternative fueled vehicles. Don’t fret, there’s plenty you can do with whatever kind of vehicle you’re currently driving. EcoDriving means adapting your current driving behaviors to be more fuel efficient. By making a few simple changes in your driving behavior, we can collectively make a big impact!

In addition to reducing air pollution, EcoDriving improves road safety, saves fuel and maintenance costs, and results in more responsible drivers on the road. Check out this poster for 10 simple ways to save!  We offer presentations for civic clubs, community groups, businesses and other organizations identifying quick and easy easy to save money and the environment!