Alternative Transportation

CommuterAlternative transportation promotes and encourages the use of bicycling, walking, carpooling, riding transit, etc, to get around.  Almost 90% of Americans drive a car to work and most drive alone.  With more than 120 million commuters in the US, this leads to too many cars on the road and more traffic.  This means wasted gas, wasted money and wasted time. Automobile emissions are harmful to our health and our environment, making the need for alternative transportation clear. Alternative transportation is convenient and saves you money spent on gas and vehicle maintenance.

Alternative forms of transportation offer a more affordable and sustainable solution to commuting alone in a car.  More people are using alternative transportation to combat gas prices, traffic congestion and other disadvantages.  In addition to improving air quality, chance are you're getting more exercise, whether it's walking to the bus stop or riding your bike to the office.  More physical activity means fewer long-term health problems.  There are plenty of opportunities for alternative transportation in the Piedmont Triad.  Listed below are a few of our partners.

 BikeWalkNC CommuteChallenge  GTA  PART WSTA  YVEDDI  Amtrak