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The Piedmont Triad Regional Development Corporation (PTRDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization tasked with implementing activities that further economic development and social welfare in the twelve-county Piedmont Triad region. The PTRDC is an EDA designated Economic Development District (EDD) that promotes economic development and job creation by carrying out community and economic initiatives available to local governments and small businesses.

Triad Tomorrow Online

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Triad Tomorrow is based upon four comprehensive goals for development in the Piedmont Triad Region: 

  1. To Build on the Region's Competitive Advantage and Leverage the Marketplace
    To achieve true prosperity, the Piedmont Triad will successfully coordinate efforts to build, grow, and maintain robust, competitive areas of proficiency and innovation across the region. 

  2. To Establish and Maintain a Robust Regional Infrastructure
    To remain competitive in a growing global economy, the Piedmont Triad should make the revitalization and improvement of state and local infrastructure a priority for funding. 

  3. To Create Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities
    The Piedmont Triad must take a more intentional approach to providing healthy lifestyle options as a way to attract the best and brightest while also helping to minimize the costs of health insurance and medical care for companies and citizens.
  4. To Develop Talented and Innovative People
    The Piedmont Triad region will need to employ a wide range of multi-faceted strategies to successfully train, recruit, and retain flexible, entrepreneurial, globally-oriented skilled workers with cross-cutting competencies sought by employers. 

View the current edition of the Triad Tomorrow CEDS here:  Triad Tomorrow

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To get involved or work with PTRDC staff on a community or economic development project in your community, contact Jesse Day, Planning Director at
jday@ptrc.org or at 336-904-0300.