Pretrial Release Services

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Pretrial Release Services prevent local jail overcrowding by providing non-incarcerative monitoring of defendants who are unable to post bond for release prior to trial and/or considered appropriate for community supervision.

Here's how the program works:  

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  • Referrals for pretrial release screening are accepted from county detention center staff, magistrates, attorneys, the District Attorney's office, judges, Division of Community Corrections staff, defendants, and their families.
  • Defendants are interviewed, evaluated for appropriateness, and presented to the court for consideration.
  • Once approved for the program, defendants are released from jail through bond modification/court order, and are subject to daily monitoring until trial.
  • Defendants may be required to be employed, in school, or involved in substance abuse or other appropriate treatment/counseling as a condition of pretrial        release.  

Programs are located in the following counties:

Davie County