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  • Home Rehabilitation

    • Am I eligible?

    • How do I apply?

    • How much will Housing Rehabilitation cost me?

    • Who will complete the repairs on my home?

  • Rental Assistance

    • Am I eligible?

    • Can I be on more than one wait list?

    • Can I fax my re-certification or any type of paperwork?

    • Does the tenant and/or the landlord have to be present for the inspection?

    • How do I go about switching counties to live in?

    • What do I need to bring with me to fill out an application?

  • Weatherization Assistance

    • Am I eligible?

    • How do I apply?

    • How will I benefit by participating in this program?

    • If I rent, can I still apply?

    • Is there a cost to me or to my landlord?

    • What happens after I have been told I qualify for the Weatherization Program?