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January - New Beginnings

Post Date:01/06/2020


The caregiving journey of providing loving care for a family member is ever-changing and unique.  With each new month there are new opportunities to re-focus with purpose and passion.  Let the New Year 2020 begin a decade with a new vision!

If you are a caregiver, here are some tips to find the positivity and joy in each day ahead:

  • Begin each day with a voice of thanks and gratitude, as you feel the strength of your mind and body given this day to share with others.
  • Begin a daily journal to record a list of things for which you are grateful.
  • Surround yourself with meaningful triggers of humor and laughter, to be shared with your care partner – such as funny videos, shows, joyous pictures, stories.
  • Invite friends who are positive and caring to come visit and share time with both of you doing something you all enjoy – example, a movie night.
  • Play favorite music – dance or sing along.
  • Plan one special thing each week which you and your care partner enjoy, even if it’s just going for a daytime drive.If the weather interferes, plan a “cookies and hot chocolate night”.
  • Every day should bring some special joy – a smile, a twinkle, a laugh.Find the light side even when something doesn’t quite work out the way you planned it.
  • Thus, find your own journey with joy!
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